Manhunt for More Terrorists In France

French officials say as many as six terror cell members may be at large after a series of terror attacks in Paris last week. Three terrorists were killed, but it's thought they had help. 17 people died in the various terrorism incidents. French President Francois Hollande will hold a ceremony to honor police officers killed. 10,000 French troops are protecting sensitive areas including Jewish buildings. Four Jewish victims of the terror attack on a kosher grocery story were buried in Israel today.

The Charlie Hebdo newspaper is putting out a run of 3 million of its new issue which includes a depiction of Muhammed.

Bulgaria has arrested a French citizen believed to have links to the two brothers in the terror attack against Charlie Hebdo. The man had several warrants against him including participating in a criminal organization with a terrorist aim.

Secretary of State John Kerry is in Pakistan, and has praised the country's crackdown on terrorists in the North Waziristan region. Kerry heads to Paris later this week for meetings on terror and security.

President Obama will meet with leaders of the new Congress today at the White House at 11am including Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner and new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Already, Congress is on a collision course with the White House over everything from immigration to the Keystone Pipeline.

1100EST -- POTUS hosts a bipartisan, bicameral meeting with Congressional leaders at the White House. POOL COVER

The Senate expected to debate the Keystone bill.. there will be some fireworks. The House passed legislation approving it last week.

There is a growing debate among Republicans over how aggressive they should be in going after the President's executive actions on immigration. There are plans to withhold funding for homeland security to try and prevent the immigration measures from going into effect, but it might look bad in the face of the ongoing threat from terrorists.. especially after the attacks in Paris. Democrats will try to make political noise about it today with events at 10am and 11am. Mike Emanuel reporting.

1000EST -- House Minority Ldr Pelosi and Members of the House Dem Caucus hold event to discuss the House Republicans' Homeland Security funding proposal. House East Front Steps. LIVE via LiveU

1100EST -- Rep. Gutierrez and other liberal Dems who support the Pres Obama's executive action on immigration hold press conference to decry the GOP approach challenging DHS funding as "dangerous" and "reckless." They will also announce plans to hold meetings in communities across the nation in the coming weeks. LIVE

House Republicans are also targeting the financial overhaul law looking for ways to soften its rules.

Keep an eye on stocks today. Earnings season kicked off with Alcoa after the bell yesterday (results beat expectations). Earnings give us a good idea of how companies are faring. Oil prices continue to fall.. Oil trading under $45/barrel. Gas now down to $2.11/gallon nationwide. The Russian ruble continues its collapse today down another 3%. Russia's economy expected to shrink by 4% this year.

There was a fire in the Washington DC metro that left 83 people with smoke inhalation and 1 dead. Another fire reported at New York's Penn Station that didn't hurt anyone.

Divers have recovered the second black box from that crashed AirAsia plane. Hopefully it will give investigators a better idea of what happened to the plane. 114 bodies remain trapped in the fuselage on the ocean floor off the coast of Indonesia in the Java Sea.

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