Terror Fears

France remains on edge today.. with 10,000 French police added to patrol sensitive sites in Paris. Three days of terror attacks killed 17 people in attacks on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, a hostage taking at a printing plant, and the invasion of a Kosher grocery store. Three terrorists were killed in simultaneous raids on Friday. The threat is not over with French security officials warning the attackers may have accomplices, and a manhunt under way for the girlfriend of one of the dead terrorists on the run and suspected to escaping to Syria.

There were massive protests against terrorism across France yesterday.. the largest in the country's history apparently. One million people in the streets of Paris. Pope Francis said radical Islamic terrorism is a result of deviant religion. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Pakistan today, and will travel to France later this week for talks on countering terrorism.

There's also a warning to all U.S. police to be on high alert for terrorism.. after a threat from ISIS to attack Americans has resurfaced. The ISIS message is to "rise up and kill intelligence officers, police officers, solider and civilians," in Australia, America, Canada and France.

We've got Fox team coverage, and several guests to discuss the events and what it all means.

Keystone Pipeline vote in the Senate today. We'll have a fair and balanced debate.

Immigration Executive Actions running into funding trouble.. or may.

No Child Left Behind in trouble. The landmark education legislation passed in 2002.. may be thrown out by the new Congress. U.S. Education Secretary Arnie Duncan set to speak this morning. Carl Cameron..

The black boxes in the crash of that Air Asia plane have been found. One has been brought up. The other is stuck under some debris on the ocean floor.

Supreme Court set to hear a religious freedom case. We could also learn when they will take up gay marriage.

SpaceX successfully delivered groceries and late Christmas presents to the International Space Station.

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