Terror in Paris.

France raising its terror alert level to its highest position.. after at least 12 people were murdered in an apparent terror attack on a satirical newspaper in Paris that had published cartoons of the Muslim prophet Mohammed. There were at least 2 gunmen. That newspaper had been under police protection and surveillance, and had been the target of a fire-bombing before. The terrorists invaded the offices with automatic weapons - firing at will. The attack also hurt at least another 10 people - 4 seriously. There was a tweeted picture of an ISIS leader sent just before the attack. At least two terrorists remain at large, and there are reports 2 more may also be involved.

Remember this attack comes after a series of small attacks in France, and a large attack recently in Sydney that left two people dead.

We're going to do live Fox team coverage and have terror analysis.

Casey Stegall reporting on a shooting at a VA clinic in El Paso that left a doctor dead.. the shooter shot himself.

President Obama set to travel today to Detroit to discuss the booming U.S. auto industry.. though that schedule may change depending on how the terror story unfolds. He's set to give a speech at a Ford plant at 3:45pm.

Wind chill warnings in effect now for much of the nation.. as frigid air settles over big chunks of the country.

Mike Emanuel reports today on the new Congress.. with both houses now firmly in GOP hands. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expected to speak at 9:30am ET.. outlining his agenda including approving the Keystone Pipeline today on the Senate Floor. President Obama now says he will veto any Keystone approval.

Tough start to the week for stocks. The Dow finished down triple digits again yesterday. It's the worst start to any year since the great recession started in 2008. We get a read on jobs with the ADP employment report today. Oil closed below $48/barrel yesterday! There are also growing concerns about deflation in Europe.

We're getting the first pictures of the AirAsia crash wreckage on the ocean floor. The tail sections looks to be intact (along with the black boxes). We've got David Piper and Jonathan Hunt on that story.

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