Weather is a problem coast to coast this Christmas Eve with rain on both coasts, and snow in the Midwest. Chicago bracing for flight cancellations. Garrett Tenney reporting on airport travel delays on one of the busiest days of the year.

Severe weather in Mississippi yesterday left four dead and another 50 hurt. Power knocked out for thousands, and they'll survey the widespread damage today.

A night of violence in some places.. with police shooting and killing a man in Berkeley, Missouri after he pointed a gun at an officer at a gas station. Almost immediately a crowd of several hundred gathered in protest.. There was some attempted looting, and a police car was damaged.

In New York City, protesters ignored Mayor de Blasio's call for no protests in the wake of the brutal assassination of two police officers in Brooklyn. The murders apparently inspired by anti-police sentiment. Protesters tried to interfere with Christmas celebrations in the heart of New York City's 5th Avenue. Vice President Biden will attend the funeral for one of the two murdered officers on Saturday.

A group of firefighters were shot at by a passing vehicle in Jacksonville, Florida. One officer was shot in the arm.

In Texas, an anti-police protest turned ugly when a group of motorcyclists attempted a counter protest in Missouri City.

A Jordanian war plane went down while on duty against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The pilot was captured alive by ISIS terrorists.

Sony will allow some independent theaters to screen "The Interview" despite the threats from North Korea over the comedy. William La Jeunesse reporting.

Dow hit another record yesterday - rising more than 65 points to close well about 18,000 and a 36th record high! Gas prices continue to fall, consumers continue to spend, and the government revised upwards Q3 GDP to 5%! We haven't seen numbers like these since well before the 2008 recession. Today we get weekly jobless #'s and a report on petroleum. We'll also ask a guest about what we can expect for the New Year!

Russia moving to shore up its beleaguered ruble today.. The currency has collapsed along with the price of oil.. and as sanctions have taken a bite out of the Russian economy.

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