Dow 18,000

Anti-police protesters say they won't stop protests despite the murder of two New York City policeman over the weekend. Mayor Bill de Blasio asked protesters to hold off until after the funerals for the two officers, but protest leaders are refusing. The Mayor has come under increasing fire since the incident. Police say the Mayor has created a toxic environment for police. Jonathan Hunt and David Lee Miller reporting.

North Korea's internet is back up. Yesterday the internet (not widely used) crashed. It may have been retaliation for the North Korean hack on Sony Pictures and the release of damaging and embarrassing information leaked by the hackers.

Another apparent terror attack in France. There was a third incident yesterday. In all three, crazed folks went after people shouting Allah Akbar.

There were private memorials for the two victims of the Sydney terror attack last week. A man spouting ISIS propaganda took hostages at a popular café in Sydney. He and the two others were killed when police stormed the café.

Disturbing new reporting from Afghanistan. The New York Times says that just four years after the American troop surge, a sustained fighting effort by the Taliban has put parts of southern Afghanistan back under direct threat.

We're watching stocks closely. The Dow soared again yesterday.. hitting a new all time high record, and JUST PASSING the psychologically key 18,000.. Oil prices fell another 3%! Today we get reads on durable goods orders, Q3 GDP, consumer sentiment, and new home sales. Let's see if the Santa Claus rally can continue!

Big storms already affecting parts of the nation. There's a series of Christmas Eve storms headed for the East Coast, Midwest and Pacific Northwest. Traffic and travel likely to be severely impacted. We'll talk to travel expert Gary Leff from "View From the Wing," about what folks can do to avoid the worst of it.

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