Terror in Pakistan, Australia

New details emerging about the terror attack in Sydney yesterday. The raid came to an end after 16 hours when police heard gunshots and ran into the café where the crazed gunman was holding several people hostage. The gunman was killed as well as 2 hostages. 4 more hostages are injured. Police are suggesting the death toll would have been higher if they hadn't entered when they did. The terrorist is being described as a mentally ill Iranian refugee who had a criminal record. Amy Kellogg reporting, and we'll have analysis from several guests.

Taliban terrorists launching an attack and siege on school children in Pakistan's Peshawar killing at least 126 most of them children and teens. Greg Palkot reporting. The Taliban has also been stepping up attacks in Afghanistan as the U.S. continues to pullout.

Secretary of State John Kerry in London for talks on a deal between Israel and the Palestinians. John Huddy reporting.

Outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid trying to use his waning power in the Senate to push through a bunch of presidential nominations. Yesterday, the Senate confirmed a new surgeon general despite opposition from the NRA. Doug McKelway reporting.

Keep an eye on stocks today. World markets are tanking with the Japanese market down 2% today. U.S. stocks closed down again yesterday. Oil prices continue to fall now well below $60/barrel. The Russian economy appears to be in freefall as the government raised interested rates to 17%! That hasn't helped shore up the Russian Ruble which fell to new record lows today.

The New York Times reporting the health insurance industry will give consumers more time to pay premiums under the Affordable Care Act.

25 people were arrested in Oakland, California yesterday for blocking the doors of police headquarters in protest over police incidents in Ferguson and on Long Island.

There's a massive manhunt underway right now in Pennsylvania where six family members were murdered in several different locations. Police suspect a troubled vet named Bradly Michael Stone. He was locked in a custody dispute with one of the murdered women.

The Montana home invasion trial we've been following so closely is now in the hands of a jury. We'll ask our legal panel about it.

A Hawaii volcano spewing lava that is on a path to destroy a gas station and stores.

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