After the search was suspended earlier this month, a desperate mayday call Tuesday lead a guided-missile destroyer to a 67-year-old boater missing at sea for 12 days about 64 miles south of Honolulu.

The Coast Guard says Ron Ingraham was weak, hungry and dehydrated when a Navy ship reached him.

The agency said Wednesday that he's aboard a cutter that's towing his 25-foot vessel to the Hawaii island of Molokai.

The Coast Guard had searched for him since receiving his mayday call on Thanksgiving reporting flooding in his small boat about 50 miles west of Kailua-Kona. In an audio clip of the call, he's heard saying he was in danger of sinking.

"We got a mayday here. Mayday. This is the Malia. Anybody picking this up?" he reportedly said.

The search was suspended Dec. 1 until he sent another mayday call Tuesday. A guided-missile destroyer, the USS Paul Hamilton, was about three miles away, and its crew members reached Ingraham and gave him water and food.

"Twelve days, man. He's a champ! He's tough!" Zakary Ingraham, the man's son, told

The Associated Press contributed to this report