House Action

Capitol Hill will be busy today.

Congress set to pass a $585 billion defense spending bill and send it to the Senate. The measure gives President Obama authority to expand the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The House will also likely pass a bill that declares President Obama's actions on illegal immigration "null and void." It stands no chance of passage in the Senate.

We learned yesterday that 17 states are suing over the President's executive orders on immigration.

There were non-violent protests across New York City last night as a Grand Jury declined to indict a police officer who put suspected illegal cigarette seller Eric Garner in a choke-hold after he refused to submit to police officers. Garner died during the arrest. He suffered from asthma. His widow Esaw Garner said, "This fight ain't over, it just begun." There were also protests in Oaklands, Philadelphia, Atlanta and other cities. David Lee Miller reporting. Our legal panel will weigh possible civil rights charges.

There are minimum wage protests expected in 190 cities today from fast food workers.

We get weekly jobless numbers today.. as the Dow and S&P notch yet more record closes. Gas prices fell below $2/gallon in a few locations yesterday! Great news for consumers (and for SUV and truck sales!).

Greg Palkot reports today on a big security meeting in Basel, Switzerland. Secretary of State John Kerry set to meet with Russia's foreign minister.

Amy Kellogg reporting on the collapsing Russian economy as Western sanctions and falling oil prices take a major toll on Russia. Putin gave a state of the union address this morning.

Al Qaeda in Yemen is threatening to kill American hostage Luke Somers an American photojournalist born in the UK who was kidnapped over a year ago. They released a video believed to be of Somers. John Huddy from Jerusalem.

The President and First Lady light the White House Christmas Tree tonight.

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-Clint Henderson

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