Immigration Fireworks

Expect fireworks on Capitol Hill today as Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson appears before two congressional committees to defend President Obama's executive orders on immigration. Johnson will defend the moves by the White House. He said in a written statement it's common sense that President Obama has moved to stop the deportation of some 4 million illegal immigrants.

...0900EST -- Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson testifies before the House Homeland Security Committee hearing on "Open Borders: The Impact of Presidential Amnesty on Border Security." Johnson is expected to be grilled on recent administration claims that illegal immigration is at a 40 year low. And he'll be under additional scrutiny at this hearing, because he's believed to be the front-runner as a replacement for Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. LIVE

...1300EST -- House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing titled "President Obama's Executive Overreach on Immigration." Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte has called the plan "lawless," and witnesses will testify on the legality of the action, including Jay Sekulow, from the American Center for Law & Justice, who has called the action an "unconstitutional power grab of historic proportions." Expecting more debate over the constitutionality of the president's order at this hearing. LIVE

Republicans are trying to find a way to punish President Obama for the unilateral moves on immigration. House Republicans are working on a plan that would fund the government (they have until Dec 11th to pass something) without supporting immigration issue funding. We'll see what happens. Mike Emanuel reporting.

House Republicans set to vote on a one month extension of many tax breaks that are set to expire.

Ohio Senator Rob Portman says he won't run for President. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush says he's considering it. Rand Paul also exploring a run. He's announcing his reelection bid for Senator from Kentucky. We'll ask our political panel about the GOP (and Dem) presidential field.

President Obama is asking Congress for money for body cameras for police. It's just one proposal from White House meetings on the Ferguson unrest yesterday. The President did not endorse sweeping restrictions of the transfer of military gear to local police, but did discuss a "simmering distrust" between some communities and police. There were some protests yesterday as college students and some workers protested. Mike Tobin reporting from Ferguson.

Interesting news on cyber Monday. IBM reporting sales were up year over year just 8%. Analysts expected more. Last year sales were up 21%! Apparently.. the good deals are spread out all month, and consumers are adjusting. We get a report on construction spending today. We're also waiting for data on new car sales. The news for automakers is expected to be good, but consumers are taking on more debt when buying cars. Cheryl Casone explains.

New report out on the battery fires in the new Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

Tonight is the White House Christmas Tree lighting ceremony!

Jennifer Griffin reporting on the resurgence of the Taliban.

An attack on Christians in Kenya by Islamic terrorists from Somalia has left at least 36 dead.

A defeat for Putin as he's forced to reroute a gas pipeline. It comes as Ukraine signs a new cease fire deal with Russian separatists.

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