Pres Obama to Announce Resignation of Def Secy Chuck Hagel at 11:10am ET

BREAKING: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is resigning under pressure.. tune in at 11am to hear the announcement from President Obama

Immigration remains issue #1 today.. with continued fallout from the executive orders signed last week by President Obama to allow millions of illegal immigrants to stay in the country legally. President Obama was on a Sunday show yesterday, and blamed House Speaker John Boehner for not passing comprehensive immigration reform .. essentially arguing the President's hand was forced. Republicans are outraged and planning their next moves everything from government shutdowns to lawsuits. President Obama said, "The reason that we have to do proprietorial discretion in immigration is that we know that we are not even close to being able to deal with the folks who have been here a long time. Everybody knows, including Republicans, that we're not going to deport 11 million people."

The President seems to embarking on a go it alone strategy for the last two years of his term including action on net neutrality, limits on greenhouse gases, tougher EPA rules, immigration, and raising the minimum wage. Here's what the President told ABC News about his dealings with an uncooperative Congress, "What the American people expect is that if we disagree on one thing . . . then we work on everything else." Congress unlikely to agree, and some have said the White House is ‘poisoning the well.'

Stay tuned.

Some Republicans also upset today over a House Intel report that cleared the government, CIA and military of any wrongdoing in their response to the Benghazi terror attack that left 4 Americans dead. Catherine Herridge reporting.

New evidence in the IRS targeting case. The Treasury department saying office they have recovered as many as 30,000 of former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner's messages from disaster recovery tapes. The GOP-controlled House Oversight and Ways and Means committees have sought the e-mails as part of their investigations into the IRS targeting scandal. We'll see what the tapes show.

Six party talks on Iran's nuclear program were supposed to end tonight at Midnight, but several of the big nations working out details of a deal say they may be extended (again!). New talks probably to be scheduled for December. Amy Kellogg reporting.

We're awaiting a decision from the grand jury in the Ferguson case. We've got Fox team coverage. The grand jury is meeting today.

Weather whiplash across parts of the nation today. In Buffalo the thermometer set to hit 60 degrees.. just a few days after record snowfall. Buffalo got 7 feet of snow. Today it will melt. That means flooding. Rick Leventhal is there.

More new records for stocks Friday after China announced economic stimulus measures. The Dow hit its 28th record high of the year. The S&P had a 45th record close! Futures are up again today!

50 dead in a suicide attack in Afghanistan. 2 NATO troops killed in a separate incident. Violence is on the increase there.

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