Is President Obama Picking Fights?

President Obama on a roll.

The President is expected to unveil his plan for dealing with illegal immigration this week which is expected to include a 10 point plan that achieved through executive orders. It will reportedly change the legal status of as many as five million illegal immigrants living in the United States.

It caps an announcement by the President that he signed a deal with China to dramatically reduce carbon emissions, a move by the President in favor of net neutrality, and word from the White House that it is endorsing a series of trade deals, and a huge pile of money for anti-Ebola efforts.

Chris Cilizza in the Washington post today writes, "Republicans ain't happy - and they are likely to get a lot less happy over the next week or so. No matter what congressional response McConnell and Boehner craft - and they are undoubtedly looking at their options - the most obvious and predictable outcome of Obama's expected move on immigration is that any hope of bipartisanship on much of anything in the 114th Congress, set to convene in January, would probably be out of the question. Obama knows that. And it would seem he doesn't care."

President Obama is also defending his signature achievement - The Affordable Care Act - saying at a news conference in Australia that he had just learned about the Jonathan Gruber controversy. Gruber has been discovered on numerous videos calling Americans stupid and suggesting the people who passed Obamacare had to hide information from voters to get it passed. President Obama said, ""I just heard about this. The fact that some adviser who never worked on our staff expressed an opinion that I completely disagree with, in terms of the voters, is no reflection on the actual process that was run."

Obamacare open enrollment kicked off Saturday, and so far it's been much smoother than last year. The head of Obamacare said 100,000 submitted applications and more than half a million were able to log on over the weekend.

G20 just wrapped up with President Obama endorsing sweeping new trade deals. Russian President Vladimir Putin left early in a huff after he was shunned by world leaders. There's growing evidence Russia is increasing its military presence inside Eastern Ukraine.

A nuclear deal with Iran is looking increasingly unlikely today as negotiators head back to Vienna for a final round of talks.

ISIS terrorists released a videotape yesterday that the White House has confirmed is the execution of American aid worker Peter Kassig. Kassig becomes the third American executed by ISIS. President Obama called it "an act of pure evil."

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