China Rising

President Obama is in China for a summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and negotiations with several countries over a new trade pact. A dozen countries are working towards a "Trans-Pacific Partnership" that would ease trade barriers between Asia and the U.S.

Today, China and the U.S. agreed to a new visa and work permit deals to allow easier exchange of workers and tourists.

Japan and China met today.. a sign of progress after recent frosty relations.

Russia has become a much bigger ally of China recently, and the U.S. is increasingly concerned about ties between the two countries. We'll get into that today with Gordon Chang, and Ed Henry is traveling with the President. Wendell Goler has the details from the White House.

Despite the release of two Americans held in North Korea, President Obama says it doesn't change anything with North Korea's nuclear program which remains a top U.S. security concern. Saturday, two Americans were freed after National Intelligence Director James Clapper flew to Pyongyang.

Widespread reports this morning that top ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was wounded in an airstrike. He has a $10 million bounty on his head. The U.S. says is has no information on Baghdadi's whereabouts or condition, and he was not targeted. Conor Powell reporting.

Terrorists attacked a bus carrying Syrian scientists in Damascus killing four of them. They were targeted.

Iran says it has successfully tested a copy of a U.S. drone it says it took down in 2011. Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting with Iran's foreign minister in Oman today to continue nuke talks on a deal to end Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. A deadline to make a deal within two weeks is looking increasingly troubled.

A homicide bomber in Nigeria has killed 48 students. It's thought to the be the work of Islamic terrorists. went live again today for previews as open enrollment for 2015 begins Saturday. HC official say it's easier to use and less buggy. They're hoping to avoid a botched rollout like the one last Fall. HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell will hold a news conference at 1pm.

1300EST -- HHS Secy Burwell joins the Center for American Progress' Gov. Ted Strickland to discuss the upcoming open enrollment period for the health insurance marketplace. She will be taking Q&A. LIVE via LiveU

Let's get an update on the weather today. A snow filled storm dropped 3 inches in Montana and parts of the Dakotas this weekend, and is now headed for Minnesota and Wisconsin. Temperatures could drop as much as 40 degrees in parts of the upper Midwest.

A disturbing AP report today about those laundry pods that have become so popular for dishwashers and washing machines. More than 700 children have been hospitalized after eating them in the past two years according to Pediatrics Online. Kids think they're candy.

Markets had more record highs last week. We'll see if they can keep up the roll this week.

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