Bipartisan Test

A new pledge for bipartisanship will get a big test today at the White House. President Obama hosting a bipartisan group of Congressional leaders at the White House. 16 top ranking lawmakers including the Republican Speaker of the House, and the likely new Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell will discuss what the lame-duck Congress can get done this year, and if there's room for agreement on next year's schedule. Both the President and Boehner and McConnell have given lip service to bipartisanship, but there's already public disagreement over Obamacare and immigration.

1240EST -- POTUS hosts the bipartisan, bicameral leadership of Congress for a lunch meeting. Sens Reid, Durbin, Schumer, Murray, McConnell, Cornyn, Thune & Barasso, Speaker Boehner, and Reps McCarthy, McMorris Rodgers, Pelosi, Hoyer, Clyburn, and Becerra attends. Old Family Dining Room. POOL TAPE SPRAY

We get monthly jobless numbers today. Analysts expect 230,000 jobs were added in October with the unemployment rate remaining at 5.9%. Stocks closed at record highs again yesterday.

We're likely to get a ruling today on Detroit's bankruptcy plans. Garrett Tenney reporting.

The New York Times gives Hillary Clinton's possible 2016 run front-page treatment today. The Times says say despite the Democrats drubbing in the Midterms "adviser saw only upside for Mrs. Clinton."

A federal appeals court ruled against gay marriage yesterday. The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld laws against same sex marriage in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee. This contradicts every other recent federal court rulings, and sets the matter up for a major Supreme Court ruling soon.

Republican Virginia Senate candidate Ed Gillespie set to make a 1pm announcement in Virginia. It could be a concession speech (OR he could announce he's demanding a recount). The latest vote tally has current VA Senator Mark Warner ahead by just about 17,000 votes.

There's a huge controversy over reports of a letter President Obama sent to Iran's leaders about possible cooperation on defeating ISIS.

600 U.S. service members may have been exposed to chemical warfare agents while on duty in Iraq according to a new investigation in the New York Times. The Pentagon may not have taken the claims seriously enough.

A Russian Taliban member will be arraigned on terrorism charges today in a federal court in Virginia. He's the first military detainee from Afghanistan to be brought to the U.S. for trial.

It's the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Greg Palkot reporting on the historic anniversary and the possible new cold war with Russia.

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