Dueling Vision of Next Two Years

Fascinating op-ed piece today in the Wall Street Journal from Speaker of the House John Boehner and likely future Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell. The two leaders lay out their vision for the next Congress including reforming the tax code, focusing on jobs and the economy, authorizing the Keystone Pipeline, and repealing Obamacare.

Not much of what they lay out is likely to pass muster with President Obama who laid out his own vision for his final two years in a news conference yesterday afternoon. President Obama said he was willing to work with Republicans, but he also said he was going to act on immigration reform with or without them. The President didn't rule out the use of executive orders. McConnell said executive action on immigration would be "waving a red flag in front of a bull." It could be an exciting couple of years!

There is a 12:30 briefing from the White House we'll be watching with interest.

Speaker Boehner also holds a news conference at 1:15pm where he'll lay out his vision for the new congress. We'll take some of this live.

There's also a posthumous medal of honor ceremony at 11:45 which we'll dip into. It honors Civil War Army First Lt Alonzo Cushing for gallantry in the Civil War.

We get weekly jobless numbers today after another record day on Wall Street yesterday.

U.S. airstrikes hit several targets inside Syria including a compound of the terror group Nusra front.. totally separate group from ISIS! This as Jennifer Griffin reports a U.S. Predator drone targeted and is believed to have killed French bomb maker David (Daoud) Drugeon, a 24 year old convert to Islam and member of the Khorasan group from Brittany, France. It's the second strike against the Khorasan Group.

One of the prisoners who's been at Gitmo the longest has been released to Kuwaiti custody. Catherine Herridge reporting.

Russia says it will boycott a nuclear summit organized by President Obama in 2016. It comes as violence flairs in Eastern Ukraine.

The head of NATO is in Afghanistan talking about U.S. and other NATO troops that will remain in Afghanistan past the end of the year. 12,000 forces will remain.

The U.N. says there's not enough resources to help the Ebola outbreak. President Obama expected to ask for nearly 6 billion from Congress to fight Ebola.

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-Clint Henderson

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