Election Day in America - Don't Forget to Vote!

It's election day in America.

Voters head to the polls from coast to coast today with polls already open in Vermont. The big question nationally is whether or not the Republicans will capture control of the U.S. Senate. The GOP needs to capture just six Senate races to win control. But there also statewide ballot initiatives, voters for all 435 House seats, and 36 governor's houses up for grabs. Real Clear Politics ranks 8 Senate seats as too close to call. They are AK, CO, GA, IA, KS, LA, and NC. AR, KY and VA could also be pretty close.

We've got Fox team coverage, in-depth analysis, and we'll talk to a few candidates to boot!

Molly Line reports on the tight race for Senate in NH, Steve Harrigan covering the FL governor's race, James Rosen on the strange fight in Kansas for Senate, John Roberts reporting on the Louisiana fight for Senate which could go to a runoff, Carl Cameron on the Senate race in Kentucky, Mike Tobin reporting on the Wisconsin governor's race, Shannon Bream on the race for Senate in Iowa, Alicia Acuna on the race for Senate in Colorado, Dan Springer covering the Senate race in Alaska, Mike Emanuel covers the balance of power, and Adam Housley covering the Western U.S..

There is a scathing article in the Washington Post today called, "Where Did Obama Go Wrong." The normally friendly newspaper slamming President Obama and a lack of leadership from the White House. Here's a typical paragraph,

"Obama's journey from triumphant, validated Democratic hero to a political millstone weighing on his party's chances is a tale of a second-term president quickly and repeatedly sidetracked by a series of crises - some self-inflicted - and the widely held perception that the White House has not managed them well."


Most news outlets are giving the GOP a good chance of retaking the U.S. Senate. You can expect many recrimination in the days ahead if that happens. For today, we'll focus on the races and the sometimes messy process of democracy at work!

Reminder: Do not show polls today.

In other news, the price of oil continues to fall with the Saudi's cutting prices in competition with new energy sources in the U.S. We get a couple reads on the economy including factory orders, and we'll examine the market reaction to the elections.

An appeals court is taking on one NSA surveillance case, and deciding if the NSA's phone data collection is legal.

New allegations against Verizon and AT&T over what is being called "super-cookies". This story merits following post-election.

The White House reportedly considering air strikes against another terror group operating inside Iraq and Syria - Japhat al-Nusra.

Kurdish forces have been beset by several setbacks this week.

Iranians marked the anniversary of the U.S. Embassy takeover in 1979 with protests and chants of "Down with America." Nice.

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