One Week Until Midterms

It's just one week to the Midterm elections! Real Clear Politics labels at least 9 Senate races as too close to call, and it says 11 Governor's races are too close to call. RCP also has 23 House races as too close to call. The Hill reports that Republicans' confidence about taking control of the U.S. Senate is growing. It appears the GOP has had some success in making many races a referendum on President Obama, and what's seen as a botched handling of several crises including the threat from ISIS, and Ebola. A new CNN/ORC poll suggests nearly 7 in 10 Americans are unhappy with the direction of the country.

President Obama begins a campaign push today in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The President expected to campaign in six states, but will not be appearing with any vulnerable Democratic senate candidates.

We'll have Elllison Barber weigh in, and Carl Cameron is looking at the suddenly competitive race for Senate in New Hampshire. Molly Line is looking at a ballot measure in Massachusetts on casinos.

We get several reports on the economy today including a read on housing and one on consumer confidence. Aetna, Dupont, and Pfizer reporting earnings this morning. After the close yesterday Twitter reported disappointing earnings. Look for that stock to get beat today.

That nurse who'd been forcibly quarantined after returning from treating Ebola patients in West Africa has been released from a Newark isolation tent. She's headed home to Maine, but is now fighting a home quarantine there. Meantime, the American Doctor being treated at New York City's Bellevue Hospital is "entering the next and more serious phase of his illness," according to the hospital. A five year old boy brought to the hospital with a high fever has tested negative for Ebola. Rick Leventhal reporting from New York.

The fight over standards for quarantine heating up today. Both Governor Cuomo of New York and Gov Christie of New Jersey backed down yesterday for their demands for 21 day quarantines of people returning from West African nations fighting an Ebola outbreak. But now the battle has shifted to the military. The Joint Chiefs of Staff are recommending troops returning from duty in West Africa be quarantined for 21 days. The White House doesn't back that so far, and now Secy of Defense Chuck Hagel has to make a decision widely seen as potentially political. Jennifer Griffin reporting.

Laura Ingle reporting on a report on a recent spate of train crashes in the Northeast.

ISIS has released a video purportedly of British captive John Cantlie reporting from Kobani about ISIS's alleged capture of the city. The city remains a major battleground between Kurdish fighters aligned with the U.S. and the ISIS terrorists. Conor Powell reports.

Canada's Prime Minister and hundreds of others will attend the funeral of the soldier killed in last week's attack on the Tomb on the Unknown soldier and on the Parliament in Ottawa. Jonathan Hunt reporting.

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