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Pressure from the White House appears to have softened the resolve of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo that folks who treated Ebola in West Africa would be subjected to a 21 day quarantine on their return to New York. NJ Gov Chris Christie has made a similar decision. Cuomo, however, now says the quarantine is voluntary, and quarantined individuals can spend their 21 days at home. Meantime, Christie now says a nurse being held there can spend her 21 day quarantine at home.

The Obama Administration is apparently worried the strict quarantine will prevent doctors from going to West Africa to treat the outbreak at its source.

Rick Leventhal has the details in a live report from Bellevue Hospital where the so-far lone New York case is being treated. Doug McKelway reports on the politics of Ebola.

Meantime, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power is visiting Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia to show "we are in this with you for the long haul."

It's just over 1 week until the Midterm elections!

President Obama will hit six states this week, but he's not out campaigning for Senators facing tough re-election battles. Instead he'll focus on governor candidates who are less threatened by what's seen as voter antipathy towards the President. The New York Times in a piece called, "On Campaign Road, Uneasy Democrats Show Obama Their Taillights," suggests President Obama will be blamed for expected big losses by Democrats in the Congress. Here's how the Times puts it:

"Bracing for a difficult election in just over a week, when they could lose control of the Senate, Democrats exasperated with the White House are already moving to pin blame on President Obama, whom Republicans have made the centerpiece of the campaign. Even optimistic Democrats say they have little more than a 50-50 chance to retain their Senate majority."


The President will campaign in WI, MI, ME, RI, CT and PA this week.

John Roberts reporting on the super tight race for U.S. Senate in Georgia.

In fact, there are more states ranked toss-ups at this point in the campaign than in either 2010 or 2008. The Cook Political Report suggests 10 races remain toss-ups. The Washington Post says, "There are at least 11 Senate races in which the outcome is far from certain, with about a week left before voters go to the polls Nov. 4."

Adam Housley is following up on the horrible school shooting Friday in a small community north of Seattle. 14-year-old Jaylen Fryberg shot and killed 3 teenagers, and injured another 3. Investigators are trying to figure out why an otherwise popular boy went on a rampage.

New evidence against the man who went on the shooting rampage in Canada's capital. He reportedly had ideological and political motives for the shootings. He left behind a home video. It's just one instance of a recent string of so-called "lone-wolf" attacks. And it has security agency's scrambling.

Progress to report versus ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria. 4 villages have been liberated. Conor Powell reporting.

Molten lava now flowing from Kilauea in Hawaii. Dozens are being told to prepare to evacuate.

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