Ebola Fears Spreading

Ebola back in the top spot in our rundowns today as a Dallas nurse who treated the now-dead patient who brought the deadly disease from Africa tested positive. The female nurse became the first person to catch Ebola inside the United States. Texas now monitoring dozens who may have had contact with the nurse. Casey Stegall and Alicia Acuna reporting. Dr Manny is calling for the resignation of the head of the CDC over the botched handling of Ebola.

Another person has died from Enterovirus in the U.S. We should keep this on our radar.

ISIS continues to try and take the strategically important town of Kobani inside Syria on the border with Turkey. Fighting is intense today. Coalition airstrikes appear to be pounding ISIS positions, and Kurdish fighters claim they've staged a counter-offensive and have killed many ISIS terrorists. Greg Palkot reporting. Jennifer Griffin reports on the debate over sending troops to fight ISIS.

The sentencing phase of the Oscar Pistorius homicide trial started today in Pretoria, South Africa. The so-called "bladerunner" was found guilty of culpable homicide in the death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp back in 2013. Paul Tilsley and our legal team weigh in.

The markets have been on a roller coaster ride, and we could see more selling today. We're now negative for the year. Energy prices are down (good news for consumers!)

Alaska becomes the latest state to allow gay marriage. A judge struck down Alaska's ban last night.

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