Stopping ISIS

The U.S. and the Coalition fighting ISIS terrorists have stepped up airstrikes in defense of the Syrian town of Kobani - under siege from ISIS. Despite progress by terrorists, the town hasn't fallen. There's been at least 25 airstrikes in and around Kobani. ISIS is shelling a nearby border town with Turkey in an attempt to cut off Kobani. Greg Palkot at the border for us again live. Meantime, AP today reports the U.S. airstrikes against Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria last month failed to stop a plot to blow up airplanes over the U.S. and Europe.. We'll discuss with our guests.

Differing accounts today about how that nurse in Spain with Ebola is doing. She is the first person to contract Ebola outside of West Africa. IT comes as another Ebola patient was transferred to a hospital in Germany from West Africa. There's also now reports that a woman in Paris is in isolation with possible Ebola symptoms, and sketch reports out of Macedonia about possible cases. Amy Kellogg reporting.

Good news from Texas where a deputy who'd been quarantined (he's been inside the dead patient's apartment) tested negative for Ebola. Meantime, John Roberts reports from Atlanta about the U.S. response so far. Home Homeland Security Cmte Chair Michael McCaul (R-TX) holding a hearing at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport to discuss the coordinated response. David Lee Miller reports on the new technology being unveiled to fight Ebola's spread including a new "vapor robot" to disinfect contaminated areas.

It's been a wild ride in the stock markets over the past few weeks. Several 200 point swings making some investors nervous. Yesterday the Dow closed down by more than 300 points. Hopefully today will be a little less "exciting".

President Obama is in California (both Southern and Northern Cal) for fundraising and remarks at several events.

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