Friendly Fire

ISIS terrorists continue to tighten the noose on the Syrian town of Kobani. They have the town surrounded on three sides. Syrian civil rights groups are demanding world powers to fight harder to save the Kurdish town near the border with Turkey. Kurdish protests in several cities in Turkey have led to the deaths of at least 14 people. Kurds in Turkey want Turkey to intervene militarily inside Syria to save the town. Greg Palkot reports from the border region.

ISIS shot down another Iraqi chopper today near the refinery town of Beiji.

President Obama is meeting with top military leaders today at the Pentagon. ISIS likely to dominate the discussions. But they will also likely talk the military response to Ebola. Some 4,000 U.S. troops could eventually be sent to West Africa to help fight the disease. There was some controversy over whether or not the troops will work directly with Ebola victims or not, but it appears U.S. forces may be only working with the blood samples of some victims (itself plenty dangerous!).

Reports out of Sierra Leone suggest Ebola victim bodies are being left in the streets of Freetown after burial teams went on strike for lack of pay. Gruesome. A fourth person in Spain is being quarantined after a nurse there caught Ebola from a patient who'd been imported from West Africa with the disease. It's raising serious questions about how equipped Western governments are for treating the disease, and why sick people are being flown to their home countries.

Jonathan Serrie has the latest on Ebola, and John Roberts is looking at how the CDC is training workers to deal with the disease.

There was a big sell-off on Wall Street yesterday with the Dow closing down 1.6%. There are growing concerns that worldwide economic growth is slowing down. Lauren Simonetti tells us the silver linings including declining prices for fuel and heating oil. Third quarter earnings kick off today with Alcoa after the bell.

Nevada and Idaho have become the latest states to being allowing gay marriage. Idaho was set to being issuing licenses this morning,but a stay from the Supreme Court delays them for now.

Las Vegas will issue its first gay marriage license this afternoon.

We've also gotten word, the first gay marriage license has been issued in Charleston, South Carolina.

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