Shock Move from SCOTUS on Gay Marriage

A surprise move this morning from the first day of the new Supreme Court term. The highest court in the land rejected five appeals of lower court rulings that made gay marriage legal in five states.

It means that gay marriage will soon be legal in 30 U.S. states and D.C.

Our legal panel weighs in.

Air strikes continue in Iraq and Syria by Coalition forces. There's been at least 258 on Iraq and 92 on Syria since August 8th. Fighting continues to rage over the Syrian town of Kobani. ISIS forces continue a relentless push on the town. The outgunned Kurdish fighters are managing to defend the town. Now Turkish tanks are positioning nearby to help the Kurds if they get the order. Turkey, however, has its hands full dealing with angry Kurdish refugees who've fled from Syria into Turkey. Greg Palkot reports from the area. Jennifer Griffin is reporting on the possible names of the operations in Iraq and Syria and why it's taking so long.

The FBI director was on 60 Minutes last night saying they know the identities of at least 12 Americans fighting for ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

New forecasts for control of the Senate in the approaching midterms. Nate Silver (who's been very on point the past several election cycles) predicts Republicans will take control of the U.S. Senate. The New York Times analysis team at Upshot also predicting a GOP pickup of enough Senate seats to control the Senate. We'll ask Bret Baier, Chris Moody, and Jamie Weinstein for their thoughts.

President Obama is meeting with financial regulators today at the White House for a discussion on the economy, and on the implementation of Wall Street reforms. It's been six years since the bailout!

It's the first day of the new Supreme Court term. It's going to be a big year.

President Obama gets briefed on Ebola today by the CDC. The first man to be diagnosed in the U.S. is now in critical condition at that Dallas hospital. Casey Stegall reporting. A fifth American diagnosed with Ebola arrived today at a medical center in Nebraska. He is a cameraman for NBC News. Amy Kellogg reports on the horrific job of Liberia's body retrieval teams. There's fears of another outbreak in Africa today. A man died of Marburg.. a disease not that different from Ebola in Uganda.

Protests in Hong Kong have dwindled as talks between student protesters and government leaders continue. David Piper reporting.

We're going to take a look at what could end up being a big deal. A high-level meeting over the weekend between North and South Korea. Gordon Chang joins us.

The search for flight 370 has resumed.. six months after the plane disappeared.

Laura Ingle reporting on the deadly outbreak of Enterovirus.

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