Ebola "Chaos"?

The Ebola case in Texas is not being handled well.

There is new reporting the apartment where the man who'd been in Liberia has still not been sanitized a week after he fell ill, and four days after he was quarantined.

Four other people live in the apartment. They are all quarantined there under armed guard. As late as Wednesday county officials were visiting the apartment without protection. 100 people are reportedly being contacted for signs of the deadly virus.

When Thomas Duncan was first taken to the ER he was sent home with antibiotics despite telling nurses he'd been in Liberia. Dallas officials now blaming the media for some of the problems in Dallas, and using the word "chaos."

Duncan also apparently lied on his airport questionnaire about having contact with Ebola victims. He said there'd been no contact. In fact, he'd carried a pregnant Ebola victim who died the same day. It raises more questions about why flights are still being allowed.

We've got Fox team coverage with Casey Stegall and Jonathan Serrie reporting.

We'll also take a look at how the media has been covering the story.. now that we've learned an NBC News cameraman has Ebola and the NBC team covering the story will be flown back to the U.S. and quarantined for 21 days.

Some 83 million Chase bank customers' information was stolen in a massive security breach of the bank. It's among the largest hacks in U.S. history. Laura Ingle reporting.

We get September jobs numbers today. Unemployment expected to be steady at 6.1%. Markets have been a little sketchy lately, and today could make it two weeks in a row of down markets.

President Obama campaigning and attending a Town Hall today in Indiana. He'll make remarks on the economy.

Six years ago today, the bailout law was signed by President Bush. It created TARP.

Violence breaking out in Hong Kong after more than a week of protests. Residents and China supporters are fighting with demonstrators who want more democracy for Hong Kong. Demonstrators had threatened to take over government buildings. The local leader says he will talk with protesters, but now the Chinese government says the protests are doomed to fail. David Piper reporting.

Australia joining in airstrikes against ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

It comes one day after Turkey agreed to allow Coalition forces to use its bases for the fight against ISIS, and to participate in the fight. Greg Palkot is on the beleaguered Syria/Turkey border.

New polling by AP/GFK suggests 2 out of 3 Americans support airstrikes against ISIS. Half think there's a high risk of a future terror attack on U.S. soil. Americans are split on how President Obama has handled the crisis. It mirrors recent Fox News polling which we'll detail.

Britain's PM David Cameron made a surprise trip to Afghanistan to support the new president Ashraf Gahni Ahmadzai. They'll hold a joint news conference. It comes after Afghanistan allowed U.S. and NATO troops to stay in the country long term to help fight the Taliban and provide security.

A moderate earthquake hit the Philippines. No immediate reports of damage or injuries.

Jail time for two of the stars of the Real Housewives of New Jersey for bankruptcy fraud. Julie Banderas has the 411.

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