Ebola & Enterovirus

A Dallas hospital under fire today after sending home that Ebola patient who is now under quarantine and being treated there for the deadly disease. The man went to the ER last Friday, but was sent home with antibiotics despite telling nurses he'd been in Liberia, Africa. Meantime, 12-18 people who had contact with the man are being monitored for the highly-contagious disease. They include 5 schoolchildren.

Another person is being quarantined in Hawaii for possible Ebola.

John Roberts, Casey Stegall, and our medical guests will weigh in today.

All this as we get word one girl in Rhode Island has died from a horrible bug called Enterovirus that's been spreading like wildfire across the country. At least 500 people in 42 states have respiratory issues related to the virus. Four deaths have been at least partly attributed to the virus.

Gone but not forgotten. The head of the Secret Service has resigned after a series of egregious security lapses in protecting President Obama. A veteran of the Service has been named as a temporary replacement and the protection detail is likely to get a top-to-bottom overhaul.

President Obama is in Chicago this morning. He'll give a big speech later today on the economy. We get factory orders numbers today, and weekly jobless numbers today ahead of the September jobs report tomorrow. Stocks have taken it on the chin in the past few days, and Asian markets fell overnight. Keep a close eye on the markets.

New polling by Fox News suggests the GOP has an advantage heading into the midterms. Voters also believe the economy is not so hot, and disagree that they are better off than they were in 2008.

ISIS terrorists continue their assault on the Syrian town of Kobani despite U.S. and coalition airstrikes.

Tens of thousands of protesters in Hong Kong are threatening to occupy government buildings to protest a crackdown on democracy in the one-time British colony. There are growing fears there could be a crackdown by the Chinese government as protesters are getting more aggressive. David Piper and Jonathan Hunt reporting.

Turkey is considering giving the government new powers to wage war on ISIS in Syria, and whether or not to allow foreign military on its bases. It comes as some 130,000 Syria refugees have flooded its border.

Jesse Matthew has a bond hearing today. He's accused of abduction with intent to defile 18 year old Hannah Graham who disappeared while on the way home in September. Police say he may also have something to do with the murder of several other girls. The hearing today is on reckless driving charges. Court action on the disappearance of Hannah Graham has been postponed until December.

The husband and wife duo on Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa and Joe Giudice, will be sentenced today after pleading guilty to conspiracy and bankruptcy fraud. Julie Banderas has the 411.

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