Ebola Arrives in America

Ebola now here in the United States. Exactly what many Americans have been worried about has come to pass. A man who was in Liberia is now quarantined in a hospital in Dallas. Folks he was in contact with are being notified, and we are promised from public health officials and politicians that there is nothing to worry about. Some might find those words hard to believe since we were told the chances of it ever even making it to the U.S. were close to nil. We've got team Fox coverage and we'll talk with Dr Steven Garner and Dr Manny Alvarez about Ebola.

Some progress to report against ISIS. Iraqi and Kurdish forces have reportedly retaken a border crossing and several villages. It comes as we learn ISIS terrorists have beheaded nine Kurdish captives including women. Conor Powell and Doug McKelway reporting.

Protesters in Hong Kong are demanding the resignation of the leader there or they will occupy government buildings in an escalation of the protests that have raised the ire of China's communist government. David Piper and Jonathan Hunt reporting.

New military action in Eastern Ukraine despite a truce. A shell exploded in Donetsk killing several. Pro-Russian separatists have reportedly moved on the region's airport in another escalation of the fighting.

The man accused of breaking into the White House with a knife and embarrassing the Secret Service is due in court today. The head of the Secret Service was grilled in a hearing yesterday. Meantime, we've learned of another breach. An armed man with a record rode an elevator with the President in Atlanta recently. It's a huge security embarrassment. Mike Emanuel reporting.

President Obama meets with Secretary of State John Kerry and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House today. We'll have the tape if they make any news during our show.

1120EDT -- POTUS hosts Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House. Oval Office. POOL TAPE

Carl Cameron reporting on a ton of ballot initiatives in this year's midterms.

We get tons of economic numbers today including the ADP employment report for September and a read on construction. Ebay reported it will split off its Paypal payment services company.

The suspect in a gruesome beheading in Oklahoma set to be released from the hospital today and immediately put in jail. Casey Stegall reporting.

New reporting into the disappearance of 18-year-old UVA student Hannah Graham. The suspect arrested in Texas while fleeing Virginia is allegedly linked by DNA evidence to another girl's murder back in 2009. Investigators are now looking into other missing persons cases in the area. Leland Vittert reporting.

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