Targeting ISIS: 224 Air Strikes in Iraq, 66 in Syria

Airstrikes continue in Iraq and Syria.. latest numbers we have from Centcom suggest there's been 224 air strikes on ISIS targets in Iraq and 66 in Syria so far. The New York Times today reports that the White House had many reports suggesting a growing threat from radical Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Syria, but those reports didn't get much attention from the Obama Administration. The Times quotes senior administration sources as saying is "just wasn't a big priority." The White House reportedly didn't want to get drawn back into a war in Iraq.

There's a new video of a British man being held by ISIS terrorists arguing against U.S. and British air strikes.

Meantime, ISIS continues its push into a Syrian town near the border with Turkey. Turkey sending tanks and soldiers to shore up its border.

That armed intruder we first heard about last week got a lot further into the White House proper than we were first told. The man, an Iraq war vet, armed with a knife ran across the lawn, entered a door used by President Obama, overpowered a female secret service agent and ran through the East room before being tackled trying to enter the Green Room. There is a hearing today on Capitol Hill that will likely get very heated. Secret Service head Julia Pierson testifies. She's likely to get stern questions about whether the secret service is able to manage its job of keeping the President and First Family safe. Mike Emanuel, Ed Henry and Wendell Goler reporting.

0900EDT -- Stakeout for Secret Service Dir Julia Pierson LIVE

1000EDT -- House Oversight & Govt Reform Cmte holds hearing on "White House Perimeter Breach: New Concerns about the Secret Service." Secret Service Dir Julia Pierson testifies. LIVE

Big protests in Hong Kong over anti-democracy moves by the Communist Government of China remain an important piece of our coverage today. Thousands of protesters have blocked streets in Hong Kong again overnight. David Piper reporting. We've also got Michael Auslin on to discuss the story.

Will Carr reporting on the horrific drug cartel violence happening in Southern Mexico. Dozens are dead in gang violence.

Prosecutors will charge a 30-year-old man with first degree murder today after he allegedly beheaded a co-worker in Oklahoma last week. Garrett Tenney and Casey Stegall reporting.

Disturbing news out of Virginia where police say they now have a forensic link between this month's disappearance of 18-year-old Hannah Graham and the disappearance of another UVA student back in 2009. Morgan Harrington was murdered in 2009. 32-year-old Jesse Matthew Jr was arrested after fleeing the state last week.

A volcano in Japan may erupt again. A surprise eruption Saturday of Mount Ontake already killed 36 people.

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