Moving to the Center to Win in Midterms

We're focusing on the Midterms in a big way today. We'll look at the most competitive Senate races and the Republicans chances of capturing the Senate. Mike Emanuel reporting on the battle for the Senate. Alicia Acuna is looking at the CO governor's race.

There's new reporting on the 36 statehouse races this year. The Washington Post has a good write-up of 12 of the most competitive.

The Post also takes a look at GOP candidates moving to the middle to win this year (in stark contrast to 2012 and 2010!). Here's how Philip Rucker and Reid Wilson put it:

"In a midterm election year in which the political climate and map of battleground states clearly favors Republicans, many GOP candidates are nevertheless

embracing some Democratic priorities in an effort to win over skeptical voters."

And it may work. The New York Times' Upshot analysis suggest the GOP has a 56% chance of taking control of the U.S. Senate.

Fighting raging on the Syrian border with Turkey. ISIS has targeted Syrian villages near Turkey. More than 130,000 Syrian refugees have poured across the Turkish border fleeing violence. Turkey has already absorbed more than million refugees from the Syria Civil War.

Meantime, thousands of Turkish Kurds trying to join the fight against ISIS and Syria's civil war have been battling with Turkish forces.. trying to stop them from going to Syria.

There were more air strikes over the weekend with French and U.S. war planes hitting ISIS targets. There's been more than 185 strikes against ISIS though it remains unclear when and if air strikes will begin against ISIS targets in Syria. There was one air strike on Friday and two on Sunday.

Secretary of State John Kerry quoted a new report suggesting Syria has been systematically using chemical weapons against rebels there.. despite agreeing to get rid of its chemical weapons. More than 190,00 have been killed in the Syria civil war.

Walid Phares tells Fox that pro-Iran rebels have entered and partially captured Yemen's capital of Sanaa. This creates instability and problems for U.S. ally Saudi Arabia. We'll talk to Walid today.

Finally a deal in Afghanistan on new government. Former finance minister Ashraf Ghani will be President sharing power with his staunch rival Abdullah Abdullah sharing power. It remains unclear if they will sign a new agreement to keep U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

An Army vet accused of scaling a security fence at the White House and entering the building with a knife is in court today. Omar Gonzalez faceing charges of unlawfully entering a restricted building with a deadly weapon. It's raising all sorts of questions about how the secret service is protecting the President and First family.

That huge King fire in California has grown to 80,000 acres and is threatening more than 12,000 homes. It's just one of several big fires burning in the tinder dry state. Some 5,000 firefighters are battling the flames. At least 10 homes and 22 other structures have already burned. Weather is finally cooperating today.

Afghanistan's election rivals signed an agreement Sunday forming a unity government with former finance minister Ashraf Ghani as president, ending a months-long standoff over a disputed runoff vote.

We get a report on existing home sales today. World markets are down today on not so great news from China on its economy. There's a new report suggesting U.S. households now the most invested in stocks since 2000.. time to get out of the market?

A Mars probe made it to the red planet after a year of travel. NASA's Maven craft now in orbit around Mars after travelling some 442 million miles. We'll talk with a space guest about the achievement.

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