Poll Problems

The U.S. Senate to vote on arming and training moderate Syrian rebels fighting ISIS after the House passed a similar measure with bipartisan support yesterday.

Growing questions about American leadership over the threat from ISIS. A new CBS/New York Times poll shows more Americans disapprove of President Obama's handling of terrorism than approve. There is broad support for air strikes, but a majority doesn't want ground troops sent into Iraq or Syria.

Chuck Hagel testifying to the House Armed Services Committee on ISIS strategy.

1115EDT-1415EDT -- House Armed Service hearing on the Administration's strategy for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is set to testify. Committee Chair Buck McKeon, says that the president's strategy does not go far enough to defeat ISIS.


Secretary of State John Kerry is back testifying before Congress today for a second day on the strategy to fight ISIS. Some Republicans (and even some Democrats) say the White House has given mixed messages about the fight.

1130EDT-1430EDT House Foreign Affairs Hearing: The ISIS Threat: Weighing the Obama Administration's Response

There's also an intel meeting this morning at 8am that Catherine Herridge will wrap for us.

Australia today said it had foiled a plot to carry out beheadings by ISIS supporters there. 800 federal and state police there carrying out raids at more than a dozen locations. 15 taken into custody.

President Obama is meeting with Ukraine's president today at the White House after Petro Poroshenko gives a rare joint session of Congress. Poroshenko wants more aid to fight pro-Russian separatists waging war in Ukraine. The meeting is seen as a signal to Russia to back off.

Polls are open in Scotland where the Scots are voting on independence from the UK. Scotland and England have been united for more than 300 years. Polls show the independence vote tied going into today's vote. James Rosen, Amy Kellogg and Greg Palkot reporting.

The U.N. Security Council holds an emergency session on the threat from the Ebola virus.. as the World Health Organization warns cases will start doubling every three weeks.

We'll get an update on the flu season today a news conference urging flu shots.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton speak to a Democratic women's fundraiser in DC today.

Senior Iranian officials are in NY for talks with six world powers on limiting Iran's nuke program. Very low expectations here.

The Dow closed at a record high yesterday.. more than 17,200! Stocks continuing their long bull run. Today we get weekly jobless numbers and a read on housing. Alibaba reveals the price of its stock in its IPO this afternoon. It could be the biggest IPO in history.

Maria Molina and Rick Reichmuth can update on the record rainfall in the Southwest and the bone dry conditions in California where more than a dozen fires are burning. Will Carr also reporting on the flooding.

California Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency because of the fires. More than 2000 homes are threatened in a fire east of Sacramento. 110 homes were already destroyed in the town of Weed. Adam Housley reporting.

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