War Powers & A Warning from ISIS

Congress takes center stage today with hearings on several of the huge issues that are dominating headlines.

The House also expected to vote to authorize training and arming Syrian rebels to fight the Islamic State. President Obama looking for a big mandate for military action.

Later today, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hear testimony on the strategy for dealing with ISIS from Secretary of State John Kerry.

1430EDT -- Senate Foreign Relations Committee - Hearing Full committee hearing on "United States Strategy to Defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant." Presiding: Senator Menendez. Witnesses: John F. Kerry, Secretary of State LIVE S/O LIVE

Doug McKelway is taking a look at the threat to the U.S. homeland from ISIS terrorists.

Catherine Herridge reporting today on the early warnings about homegrown terror as we examine the more than 100 Americans who have travelled to Iraq and Syria - some to fight alongside ISIS.

The President is in Florida where he'll get a briefing on ISIS from U.S. Central Command this morning, and then deliver remarks on the fight against ISIS at 11:50am ET which we will take live.

1050EDT The president tours the Joint Operations Center at U.S. Central Command - MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida (CLOSED PRESS)

1150EDT The president delivers remarks on efforts to combat ISIS at Short Fitness and Sports Center - MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida (POOL LIVE)

The contradictory testimony yesterday that the U.S. could indeed put boots on the ground in Iraq seemed to contradict what the President has said.

In any case, it appears to have inspired a video from ISIS threatening to kill any American ground forces that go to fight in Iraq or Syria.

There is a House hearing on the Veterans Affairs scandal.. including a review of the final Inspector General Report on the embattled Phoenix VA health care system.

1200EDT -- House Veterans Affairs holds hearing to review the final Inspector General report on the Phoenix VA health care system.

The first hearing of the House Benghazi Select Committee is today.. They are looking into the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi that left four Americans dead.

There's also a hearing on the threat from Ebola. We'll also ask our medical guest about the threat here at home from Ebola.

1000EDT -- Chairman Christopher Smith holds a hearing on the growing threat the U.S. faces against Ebola. The subcommittee hears from the National Institutes of Health, the FDA and Kent Brantly, who was infected with Ebola and survived. LIVE

Meantime, they are trying out a "vaccine" for Ebola in the UK.. sounds dangerous and the WHO has a stark warning about the spread..

More than a dozen wildfires burning in California where high winds are making things worse. More than 100 homes have burned and thousands have been forced to flee. William La Jeunesse reporting.

Severe flooding in the forecast for Arizona and New Mexico where the remains of Hurricane Odeile could bring as much as 36 inches of rain to Arizona.. and flash flooding is a big worry.

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