NATO Versus Russia

Important meetings today in Wales.. where the heads of state from more than sixty nations meet to discuss the future of NATO, Afghanistan, what to do about Russian aggression and many other hotspots around the world. All of NATO's 28 member countries will be represented.

Russia today says NATO is threatening to derail "peace talks" over Ukraine. Um.. More than 2,600 people have been killed as pro-Russian separatists battle in Ukraine.

President Obama and UK PM David Cameron issued a joint editorial in the Times of London say they will not be cowed by Islamic terrorists from ISIS who've already beheaded two American journalists and are now threatening a Brit.

Speaking of terrorists, Al Qaeda now says it has expanded into India. Ayman al-Zawahari released a video message.

James Rosen takes a look at combat operations in Afghanistan which are supposed to end in about 17 weeks.

Lots of economic reports out today including the ADP employment report and weekly jobless numbers. Keep an eye on the tech sector.. Lots of drama with new phones from Samsung and Apple competing for attention, and service disruptions to EBay and Facebook.

Thousands could walk off their jobs today at fast food restaurants across the country. Workers want $15/hour. There are protests in more than 100 cities. Jonathan Hunt reporting.

World Health Organization meeting today on containing the deadly Ebola virus.. death toll now past 1900.

The Justice Department will investigate the Ferguson PD and other St Louis area police departments for violations of civil rights. Shannon Bream reporting.

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-Clint Henderson

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