Meandering and Contradictory

The lead today remains the story that broke during the second hour of Happening Now yesterday.. the beheading of a second American journalist by ISIS terrorists. The beheading tape was released yesterday afternoon, and its authenticity has been confirmed the White House. President Obama is in Estonia today and gave a news conference that may have left some viewers scratching their heads. Ed Henry characterized it as "meandering and contradictory." President Obama said Americans will not be intimidated by the "horrific" violence on ISIS and that justice would be served. The President said the goal is to destroy ISIS, but he also said it's our goal to make ISIS a manageable problem.. Ed Henry is reporting from Estonia. Wendell Goler at the White House. James Rosen will recap his battle with the State Department (also on our show yesterday) over the characterization of ISIS as terrorists. Catherine Herridge reporting on the threat to the U.S. from ISIS. Kitty Logan reporting on the British militant who beheaded Sotloff. John Huddy reports on the fight with ISIS in Iraq.

Human Rights Watch says ISIS terrorists killed as many as 770 Iraqi soldiers captured near Tikrit back in June.

It's been somewhat overshadowed, but the President is actually in Estonia to let Eastern Europe know that we stand with them in the face of Russian aggression in Ukraine. Today President Obama said Estonia "will never stand alone." A reported cease fire between pro-Russian separatist and Ukrainian forces in Ukraine has already collapsed. There is a huge NATO summit later this week that will likely impose new sanctions on Russia. Russia continues to push for new territory inside Ukraine, and there are fears it could add other former Soviet countries to its "sphere of influence."

Afghanistan is also on the NATO agenda.. and a discussion of who will contribute troops to the post-2014 mission. The Afghan combat mission ends in 17 weeks. There are more than 30,000 U.S. troops still in Afghanistan.

Surprise surprise. Bad news on that "deal" on Iran's nuke program. We'll explain.

There's an Ebola update this afternoon from Charlotte. We got word yesterday that another American had contracted the deadly virus. Jonathan Serrie reporting.

Dan Springer is reporting on the tough Alaska Senate race.

John Roberts reporting on several races where residency has become an issue.

We get ADP jobs numbers, car sales and factory orders numbers today. We'll keep a close eye on the markets.

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