The Midterms & Foreign Policy Messes

President Obama heading for the Baltic today as tensions with Russia remain at a boiling point. President Obama leaves this afternoon for Estonia. It comes as NATO leaders are set to meet in Wales, and endorse substantial sanctions against Russia. Ukraine warning of "a great war" with Russia. Russia continues to establish a new front that could become part of a land bridge to Crimea. Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly saying Russia could take Kiev in two weeks if it wanted. NATO is expected to endorse a "rapid-reaction force" of some 4000 NATO troops that could be deployed quickly to Eastern European countries that make up NATO (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania etc). There is a 12:30 White House briefing today that could make news. Wendell Goler, Ed Henry and James Rosen reporting.

Amnesty International is accusing ISIS of war crimes including ethnic cleansing in Iraq.

Libyan Islamist militants have taken over Tripoli along with much of Libya. New video emerged over the weekend of terrorists swimming in the U.S. embassy pool.. Jennifer Griffin reports on the U.S. abandonment of Libya.

Conor Powell reports on heavy fighting between the Syrian army and Islamist rebels in the Golan Heights.

The U.S. military has reportedly struck targets in Somalia hitting the al-Shabab network with ties to Al Qaeda.

There's a Noon news conference with CDC Director Thomas Frieden on the Ebola crisis. He's just back from a trip to West Africa and calls the outbreak worse than he had feared. John Roberts reporting.

Thousands of naked pictures of famous actresses including Jennifer Lawrence have been stolen from computers and leaked online. William La Jeunesse reporting.

It's just about two months until the Midterm elections! Carl Cameron reporting on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's fight of his political life against Democrat Alison Grimes. Eric Shawn reports on the New York governor's race.

Strong storms hitting the Midwest. Michigan, Iowa and Kansas reporting large storms and damage. Maria Molina and Janice Dean are in the Fox Extreme Weather Center.

The Revel casino in Atlantic City closes today after just over two years in business. Four of the city's 12 casinos will be closed by the end of the month.

Detroit's bankruptcy trial begins today. The city expected to cut 12 billion in debt to just 5 billion with the bankruptcy.

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