Strategy What Strategy?

The White House in damage control today after the late afternoon news conference from the White House where President Obama appeared to suggest the U.S. doesn't have a strategy when it comes to dealing with ISIS. President Obama said, "We don't have a strategy yet." The White House later clarified that there is a strategy for dealing with ISIS, but there wasn't a firm plan yet on air strikes inside Syria. Still it points to the divisions within the White House. Some there now calling for more aggressive action not only in Iraq and Syria but Ukraine too where Russia is clearly invading.

President Obama is resisting calls for using American military power to solve various crisis around the world. We'll see if the White House has any more to say today. President Obama scheduled to attend various DNC and fundraising events. There is an 11:30am ET WH briefing which we'll be closely monitoring.

The U.N. now says some 3 million are refugees from Syria's civil war.. as ISIS continues to take ground there. There's also a new report of an ISIS massacre of Syrian soldiers. More than 160 soldiers were stripped down to their underwear and mowed down by ISIS terrorists. Conor Powell reporting.

Meantime, NATO confirms there are at least 1000 Russian soldiers and heavy military equipment inside Ukraine.. at a new front that could give the Russians a land bridge to their seized Crimean peninsula. Ukraine is demanding help from the West. President Obama said there is no military options. New sanctions are likely. EU foreign minister are meeting in Milan.

Israeli police confirmed the death of an American religious student, Aharon Sofer, who disappeared while hiking in Jerusalem. No foul play.

Ebola alert. The World Health Organization says the past week has seen the highest increase in Ebola cases since the outbreak began with 500 new cases. Yesterday WHO said the toll could be as high as 20,000. Meantime colleges and universities in the U.S. are likely to implement new screenings of incoming foreign students over Ebola fears.

We're monitoring Joan Rivers who is apparently in critical condition in a New York hospital. We'll ask a medical guest about her condition.

There was another incident involving reclining a seat on an airline. The flight was diverted, air marshals were involved. Is it time to come up with a national strategy on seat reclines?

A volcano in Iceland erupted. Could threaten airlines.

Malaysian Airlines laying off thousands of workers. Two deadly incidents taking a toll on the company.

Driver Tony Stewart set to return to racing this weekend after a deadly accident at a track in upstate New York. There's a news conference at 1pm.

NFL commissioner admitted he made a mistake when handing down just a 2 day suspension for domestic violence allegations. New policy.. suspension without pay for six games for a first offense.

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