Home Grown Terror Threat

Another American has apparently been killed while fighting for ISIS terrorists in Iraq. Remember we reported the ironically named Douglas McAuthur McCain was killed yesterday.. but apparently another American was also killed in the fighting. U.S. Intel sources tell Fox as many as three thousand foreign fighters are aligned with ISIS. We'll continue to explore the threat from homegrown terror today during "Happening Now." Catherine Herridge reporting.

The U.S. is apparently considering another rescue mission in Iraq. This one to rescue Shiite Turkmen in northern Iraq. Conor Powell reporting.

We're still awaiting a decision from the WH on possible air strikes on ISIS in Syria. Some lawmakers want the WH to get Congressional approval for action in Iraq and Syria against ISIS.

Israel's PM is declaring victory in the war with Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Benjamin Netanyahu says the new permanent cease fire "gave nothing" to the Islamic terrorists. Hamas though, also declaring victory. John Huddy reporting.

That "stealth" Russian invasion of a new part of Ukraine is being confirmed today by other news outlets. Apparently the Russians have taken control of the town of Novoazovsk.. which lies along the road to Russian controlled Crimean peninsula.

The FBI and Secret Service are investigating a recent spate of cyber-attacks on U.S. financial institutions. JP Morgan Chase among the victims. It's thought to be the work of the Russian government.

We're going to highlight the dangerous and aggressive moves by the Chinese military lately. Pentagon officials are very concerned.

Two more Ebola cases reported in Nigeria as the deadly virus continues to spread. The World Health Organization says we could eventually see 20,000 cases.

Lots of buzz out there today on immigration issues. There is heavy lobbying behind the scenes for the President to take executive action on immigration come hell or high water. That would be explosive politically. We'll get into it with some of our politics guests.

We get a revised estimate of the second quarter economic progress when we get the revised Q2 GDP numbers. Last month the feds said the economy grew 4%. They get another crack at that number today. We also get weekly jobless claims and pending home sales. The economy may be growing, but Americans are not optimistic. A new Rutgers survey suggests Americans are more worried about the economy now than they were in the depths of the Great Recession! Meanwhile stocks continue to hit new records.

We'll continue to watch the dangerous surf on BOTH coasts. 20 foot waves have experienced surfers hitting the ocean on the West Coast, but lifeguards have had to rescue dozens of people. On the East coast high surf is causing dangerous rip -tide currents. Both coasts being hit with the remainder of hurricanes well off the coast.

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