Maternity Madness

Jenna Lee is going to have her first baby any day now. Jenna told me it's been very hard to find clothes that fit that don't cost a fortune. She said the biggest lesson she learned is "maternity clothes matter."

Jenna said, "There is a point in pregnancy, and for me it was very early on..(within the first few weeks) where I couldn't just "go up a size."

I chatted with designer Wendy Bellissimo about her new collaboration with Destination Maternity.. the company behind "A Pea in the Pod" and "Destination Maternity" stores and websites.

Bellissimo can relate to Jenna's plight. She was pregnant, "fox six years, non-stop." She has four children of her own.

Bellissimo told me Destination Maternity "is the go-to place for when you find out you're pregnant." Bellissimo is known for her home furnishings and baby clothes. She described her new maternity line as approachable and laid back. She said " it's "marrying California and the East Coast vibe together."

Jenna Lee said her favorite maternity brands were "Japanese Weekend", "Isabel Oliver," "Tart," Jessica Simpson," and Asos Maternity."

Jenna also tried on a few pieces from Bellissimo's new line for Destination Maternity. She liked the clothes, and said she admired the fit especially the jeans which have a really engineered elastic waist.

Jenna also had some advice for expectant moms,

"I found maternity clothes very counterintuitive in that sometimes MORE fitted actually made me look(or at least feel) best. I also discovered that material and seams are key! The softer, the more breathable the material - the better. Seams on fitted clothing really bothered me! So if you're going for a fitted look - watch for any seams that run across your belly because they might drive you crazy."

Jenna Lee said, "Good maternity clothes not only make you look better, but they are way more comfortable than anything you can try to cobble together. That said, maternity clothes are expensive! I found it was worth it to spend money on good jeans and super soft tank tops, and one or two key special occasion dresses that 'grew' with me."

So there's your advice from our expectant anchor!

Clint Henderson is the Executive Producer for “Happening Now” and an avid traveler. Follow his adventures on Twitter, ClintPHenderson, and Instagram, clintpage1.