ISIS: Coming to America?

Homegrown terror back in the spotlight today after the news an American was killed fighting for ISIS in Syria. The Pentagon says Douglas McAuthur McCain went to fight for ISIS.. the same group that beheaded journalist James Foley. McCain converted to Islam from Christianity years ago, but his family says they had no idea he was fighting in Syria. There may be more than a hundred Americans fighting for terrorists overseas.

The U.N. says crimes against humanity are increasing in Syria because of ISIS.

The Obama Administration said yesterday it was conducting surveillance over Syria. Some think this is a precursor to possible air strikes.

Freed American journalist Peter Theo Curtis met his mom at Boston's Logan Airport last night. He was held for 22 months by terrorists in the al-Nusra Front.. another terror group.

A cease fire between Hamas and Israel appears to be holding so far today. John Huddy reporting.

Chaos over the future leadership of Afghanistan leadership continues unabated today. The two top presidential candidates have pulled out of an internationally monitored vote audit. There's no clear representation for an upcoming NATO summit meeting. The former top U.S. commander says the country's election stalemate is hurting progress in training the Afghan army.

Voting results today from four states. Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma and Vermont. Steve Harrigan reporting on the governor's race in Florida. We'll also ask Joe Trippi and Karl Rove to weigh in on what the state of play is for the Midterms.

President Obama making a big push for Veteran's including a new "culture of accountability."

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida sent a letter to the White House warning against President Obama signing executive orders to deal with the surge of illegal immigrants crossing the border.

Big storm surge in Southern California from Hurricane Marie which won't hit the mainland U.S. Surfers are hoping for waves up to 30 feet tall. Folks there, though, are sandbagging to prevent flooding.

We're also continuing to check in with the folks in California. There remains a big threat from large aftershocks. The USGS says there's a 12% chance of another 5.0 or higher aftershock.

We'll ask our friend Dr. Marty Makary how California did at handling a sudden influx of traumas from the earthquake, and what we can learn from the disaster.

American Airlines has pulled its listing from and over fees. There's also a fight over seat declines on airlines..

Burger King coming under sustained fire over its inversion announcement. The fast food joint will buy Tim Horton's and reincorporate in Canada to avoid U.S. taxes.

Fmr Fed chair Ben Bernanke says the 2008 banking crisis was actually worse than the Great Depression.

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