Suburban Crisis

Police arrested 47 last night in Ferguson, Missouri.. where protests continued for a 10th night in a row over the shooting of an 18 year old man. The demonstrations were, fortunately, more peaceful with no reports of rocks or bottles being thrown at police. There was also no use of tear gas. Today Attorney General Eric Holder arrives in Ferguson for a visit and meetings with police and community activists. Tensions remain high. Holder is promising a thorough investigation into the shooting, but he's also calling for an "end to the acts of violence in the streets." We've got Fox team coverage.

We'll also have some thoughtful analysis from Juan Williams on race in America.

A horrific claim from ISIS terrorists in Iraq. Yesterday, ISIS released a video of what they claim is the beheading of Journalist James Foley who was abducted in Syria back in 2012. Catherine Herridge reports there is no reason to doubt the video's authenticity. ISIS is threatening to kill a second missing journalist unless air strikes by the U.S. stop. Journalist Steven Sotloff was kidnapped near the Syrian/Turkish border in August of last year. President Obama is expected to make a statement today from vacation on Martha's Vineyard.

Hamas rockets are again being fired full force on Israeli civilians today after cease fire talks in Cairo failed to come up with a long term deal. Dozens of rockets have been fired from Gaza. Israel has responded with air strikes on Hamas targets.

An establishment republican beat back a tea party challenge to win the nomination to the U.S. Senate in Alaska. Dan Springer has the details.

Carl Cameron reports on the tight race in Louisiana.

TX Governor Rick Perry was booked on 2 felony charges of abuse of power yesterday. Casey Stegall reports.

Virginia is preparing for the possible legalization of gay marriage.

Big time flooding in Arizona this week. People had to be rescued from their cars and homes in the Phoenix area.

Good news in that CA fire near Yosemite National Park. Evacuated folks allowed to return home and it's now 35% contained.

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