Hugging It Out?

The Pentagon is sending more U.S. advisors to Iraq. The goal is to help create a humanitarian passage for religious minorities under threat from ISIS terrorists who've taken over much of Iraq. 130 U.S. troops have arrived in Iraq on a "temporary mission." Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says it's "not a combat, boots-on-the-ground kind of operation." Critics are saying the President is getting us into a another ground war. America had already committed to air strikes and supply air lifts to help the Kurds and other religious minorities from being murdered by radical terrorists. Meanwhile Iraq's failed Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has been trying desperately to hold onto power, but it looks like those efforts have failed. Iraq's new President, the Army, and even his allies in Iraq have abandoned him.

We've got Fox team coverage of Iraq: Jennifer Griffin, Greg Palkot, James Rosen and Wendell Goler reporting.

No progress in permanent cease fire negotiations in Cairo between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Conor Powell and Rick Leventhal reporting. The cease fire ends at Midnight local time.

Apparently the story we've been covering of Hillary Clinton going after President Obama's foreign policy has struck a nerve. The Clinton camp felt obliged to issue a statement. Here's how the New York Times put it: "Hillary Rodham Clinton called President Obama on Tuesday to assure him that comments she made in a recent interview with The Atlantic were not intended ''to attack him, his policies or his leadership,'' according to a statement released by Mrs. Clinton's spokesman."

Today the pair will meet behind closed doors at the vacation destination of Martha's Vineyard. As someone snarkily said they will supposedly "hug it out."

A new wildfire threatening some 130 homes in Oregon today.

There was a huge dust storm that blew through Idaho and Washington state yesterday. Hopefully we can find some pictures.

Massive flooding being reported in Detroit. The heaviest rains in nearly a century left streets flooded, and drivers stranded. At least one person died. More than 70 cars were completely submerged.

Flooding also hit Maryland, North Carolina, and there were reports of flash flooding yesterday in Arizona.

Jonathan Serrie reports today on the 3 American missionaries being quarantined for Ebola in Charlotte, North Carolina. All three were missionaries in African and may have been exposed to the deadly virus that has already killed more than 1000 in Africa. One of the husbands of the women quarantined will hold a news conference today at 1pm.

1300EDT -- David Writebol holds news conference. SIM HQ, Charlotte, NC. LIVE

William La Jeunesse follows up today on the death by suicide of actor Robin Williams.

We learned last night Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall died at the age of 89. She won a Tony award and an Academy award.

5 climbers have died on Mont Blanc.. the famous mountain in the French Alps. A sixth is missing. The climbers were trying to reach the 12,800 foot peak.

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