Robin Williams Dead at 63

Famed comedian and actor Robin Williams is dead at the age of 63. He apparently committed suicide. His family says he was fighting depression. The star of "Mork and Mindy" and "Mrs. Doubtfire," had been in and out of recovery and had fought addiction for much of his life.

Jennifer Griffin reports today on the changing tactics of ISIS terrorists in Iraq. As U.S. airstrikes have taken a toll, the terrorists have switched tactics reverting to street fighting, and blending into civilian populations. The U.S. continues to deliver food and medicine, and is working to establish a humanitarian corridor to reach religious minorities under siege by terrorists.

Secretary of State John Kerry is offering support for Iraq's new government. There is a power struggle underway right now between Iraq's newly elected president and PM Nouri al-Maliki who is refusing to step down despite the new President (Fouad Massoum) naming a new PM. Maliki has been a disastrous President.

The Daily Beast has a fascinating article today suggesting President Obama is angry over other politicians criticizing him for not arming the Syrian rebels when he had a chance. He reportedly called the criticism "horseshxx." Hillary Clinton causing a few ripples in the past few days for criticizing Obama's foreign policy which she called "too cautious."

The Wall Street Journal has a great piece today about the fine line Hillary Clinton is trying to walk when it comes to distancing herself from the unpopular Obama Administration.. possibly setting her up for a 2016 presidential run.

A Spanish priest who'd been airlifted home from Africa after being struck by Ebola has died. Two Americans are being treated in Atlanta for Ebola. Meanwhile it continues to spread. The death toll has passed 1,000 and it continues to spread in Africa's most populous nation.. Nigeria.

Negotiations continue in Egypt for a longer-term cease fire between Israel and the Palestinians as a temporary cease fire holds for a second day.

Tense times in Ukraine as Kiev rejects access to an alleged Russian humanitarian convoy. NATO says there is a high probability an invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

President Obama launched a new initiative this week to pre-emptively fix the Obamacare websites. He's brought in an expert from Google to head off problems like those last Fall during the initial launch of the website.

There was a second night of unrest in Missouri. A teenager was killed by police over the weekend setting off riots Sunday night and last night. There's been dozens of arrests as protesters have looted stores and smashed windows, thrown rocks and damaged other property. Police say they shot the teen in self-defense, but some witnesses say he had his arms in the air when shot. Mike Tobin reporting. The FBI is investigating.

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