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3 years after kidnapping of US aid worker in Pakistan, his family tries to maintain hope

In the three years since American aid worker Warren Weinstein was kidnapped by militants in Pakistan, his family has been in a strange, sad limbo.

His wife, Elaine Weinstein, won't paint or redecorate their Rockville home without her husband. Their daughter, Jennifer Coakley, has to deal with almost daily questions from her children about when they'll see their grandfather.

Weinstein's 73rd birthday was in July. He was abducted on Aug. 13, 2011, four days before his seven-year stint in Pakistan was scheduled to end.

His family hasn't received any substantive updates since his captors released a video of him last Christmas.

Elaine Weinstein tells The Associated Press that she still believes she'll see her husband alive. She says that hope is what keeps her getting out of bed.

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