Texas boy's wheelchair stolen from in front of home

A heartless crime has left a 9-year-old Texas boy unable to get around after his customized wheelchair was stolen from in front of his home.

Erik Miller’s wheelchair was snatched in the pre-dawn hours Friday. San Antonio police are investigating. The boy’s mother said she can’t believe someone would be so heartless.

“I’m still in shock,” Danette Hunter told KABB Fox 29. “I still think someone’s hiding it from me and I can’t believe it because that’s his independence.”

The boy was born with cerebral palsy and can’t walk or talk. He also has other health problems and has undergone numerous surgeries. Hunter told the station her son's disabilities have not kept him from living an active life like any other kid.

“He can do just about anything, but he just has to do it a little differently,” Hunter told the station.

The wheelchair was built to accommodate his special needs and is worth about $10,000.

She said she left the wheelchair outside because she trusts the other residents in her apartment complex.

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