Is Russia Going to Invade Ukraine?

President Obama will sign legislation reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs today during the 11am hour. It gives the VA power to hire lots more doctors and nurses, and to fire employees who aren't doing their jobs. It also gives more than 16 billion dollars in new funding.

1120EDT -- POTUS delivers remarks and signs H.R. 3230, the Veterans' Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2014. Fort Belvoir, VA. LIVE

Obamacare back in the spotlight today.. as a new report in the Wall Street Journal suggests the number of those who will be forced to pay a penalty for not acquiring insurance is dropping like a rock.. because of exemptions. The number of those who will have to pay a fine dropping to 4 million from 6 million.

Russia has the world on edge today. Russia is massing troops on the border with Ukraine in a huge military buildup there. There are reports today that shelling is hitting Eastern Ukraine.. where Ukrainian troops have been trying to reign in Pro-Russian separatists. Today, Russia released a long list of agricultural products from the West it is banning from import. It's also reportedly considering a ban on Western flights over Russian airspace which would be a big blow to airlines.

The World Health Organization is meeting today to discuss the outbreak of Ebola which has killed at least 932 and sickened another 1700. WHO could declare it an international public health emergency. Meantime, two Americans with Ebola are being treated at Emory University. A Spanish priest with Ebola is now in Spain for treatment.

Talks between Israel and Palestinians continue today in Cairo. There is a 3 day cease fire which appears to be holding, but it expires tomorrow morning, and Israel is insisting on its right to respond if terrorists attack civilians which is what started this whole mess.

Terrorists in Iraq have reportedly overrun several Christian villages near the Kurdish autonomous region. Kurdish fighters who've been protecting the areas are fleeing along with civilians.

A new study links Vitamin D deficiency to dementia.. important study we'll discuss with a doctor.

Another new study suggests there's a link between a newly discovered gene and breast cancer.

The Pistorius trial is back underway in South Africa. Both sides making final arguments today and tomorrow.. then the judge gets the case. The prosecution says the Pistorius defense has offered multiple theories as to why the so-called blade runner killed Reeva Steenkamp and they don't add up. It also said Pistorius was a terrible witness who repeatedly lied on the stand.

A wildfire burning in Oregon is threatening more than 250 homes.. forcing people in two communities 75 miles east of Portland to flee their homes.

Two hurricanes are taking aim at Hawaii right now. Hurricane Iselle expected to hit the big island tonight packing winds of up to 85 miles-per-hour. Hurricane Julio now a Cat 2 set to hit the islands this weekend.

We get weekly jobless numbers today. There are reports the Feds are close to a huge settlement with Bank of America over its sale of toxic mortgages leading up to the financial crisis. It would be the largest settlement in U.S. history. It will reportedly be close to $16 billion.

A rare Thursday primary today in Tennessee where Republican Senator Lamar Alexander faces six challengers in the GOP primary. John Roberts reports.

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