The Country Is In a FOUL Mood

Primaries yesterday in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington gave us few surprises last night. Carl Cameron has the news.

New polling from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal show an American public that is not amused. More than 70% believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. Just 14% approve of the job Congress is doing. Just 40% approve of the job President Obama is doing (an all-time low in this poll). 71% of Americans believe economic problems are caused by politicians inability to get things done. Yikes. The mood of the country is sour!

New Gallup data suggests the number of uninsured is plunging in states that embraced Obamacare. It's becoming a tale of two countries when it comes to health care in the United States. Here's how the Wall Street Journal put it:

"The uninsured rates in states that opted to expand Medicaid, a health program primarily for low-income residents, and set up their own exchanges declined more in the first half of 2014 than in the states that didn't take that approach, according to a study released Tuesday by Gallup. The survey was based on a random sample of adults through June 30."

President Obama meeting with African leaders at the White House today. At 10am he'll make opening remarks at the Africa Leaders Summit on its third and final day. There's a press conference tonight.

Among the items they're likely to discuss is the outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa. Two Ebola patients were allowed into the U.S. and are being treated at Emory University. A nurse in Nigeria died of the illness today. She and several others in Lagos were likely sickened by a Liberian-American man who was sick when he flew to Nigeria's largest city on July 25th. Spain also allowing a Spanish priest sick with Ebola in Liberia to be flown to Spain for treatment.

There was another insider attack in Afghanistan today. Seven were killed in this attack. Yesterday American Major General Harold Greene was shot and killed by a man wearing an Afghan army uniform. The terrorist also injured another 15 including 2 Afghan generals and a German general. Greene's body is being flown home today.

New fighting being reported in the Lebanese city of Arsal which has been overrun by Syrian rebels. 17 Lebanese troops have been killed. Nearly two dozen more are missing. It's the worst spillover of violence from the Syrian civil war since that civil war started.

A cease fire in Gaza appears to be holding for a second day. Israeli forces have withdrawn from Gaza. Meantime a new video has surfaced showing Hamas terrorists purposely firing into Israeli civilian areas.

A federal appeals court will hear arguments today in gay marriage cases from four states. It could lead to the defeat of anti-gay marriage laws in Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee.

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Clint Henderson

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