Ebola Patient #2 Headed to America

White House is focused on Africa today.. with several African heads of state in town to discuss expanding trade and security ties between the U.S. and Africa. President Obama is promising $14 billion in new aid to the continent.

There could be discussions as well about the spread of the Ebola virus. There are over 1600 cases so far, and more than 750 deaths.

Meantime, Ebola scares are popping up all over the U.S. including at Mount Sinai. NO cases though have been reported in the U.S. Two Ebola patients are being allowed into the country and will receive treatment at Emory University. American aid worker Nancy Writebol expected to arrive today. She got Ebola while working in Liberia.

Israeli ground troops have been pulling out of Gaza as part of apparent cease-fire. Egypt helped negotiate this latest 3 day cease fire. Egypt could also help mediate a longer-term deal. We've got Fox team coverage.

Mike Emanuel reporting today on the likely minimal impact the lack of comprehensive immigration reform will have on the Midterm elections.

It's primary day in several states today. Missouri, Michigan, Washington and Kansas holding primaries leading up the November Midterms. Carl Cameron reporting from Kansas City.

There was an attack of foreign troops in Afghanistan today by a man wearing a uniform. More details as we get them.

Markets recovered some of their losses yesterday. Today we get reads on factory orders and we'll get some new earnings reports.

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