New Jersey man claims paying final bill only led to negative credit report

One New Jersey man reportedly claims paying his final Verizon bill only led to trouble on his credit report.

Charles Hoffman, 87, of Union, told The Star-Ledger he checked his credit report in June after a conversation with his daughter and found a shocking discovery in connection to the final $112.09 bill he paid to Verizon two years ago.

"The score was only a 720, and I didn’t understand why," he told the newspaper.

Hoffman received a statement dated July 3, 2012, indicating that Verizon received his $112.09 payment, but it also showed he had a credit balance of $206. He received another statement with the same balance the following month, but things got complicated come September when he received a letter from a collection agency saying he owed $112 to Verizon.

Hoffman then sent statements to the collection agency proving the payment was made, but he still found the $112.09 delinquent bill on his credit report as recently as this past June.

"They put an adverse statement on my credit score,” Hoffman said. “I have bank statements and their bills with all this information.”

A Verizon representative, after inquiries by the newspaper, contacted Hoffman to explain that Verizon had to establish a second account for him because he had closed out the first one when he cancelled service. The $112 payment was processed in the wrong account, and when Verizon sent him the $206 refund check, it included the $112.

"One account didn’t talk to the other account," Hoffman told the newspaper. "He told me they made a mistake."