Is There A Threat From Ebola in the United States?

Despite a seven hour humanitarian truce between Israel and Hamas, shelling continues at this hour. Two Israeli missiles struck a house in Gaza.. a terror commander was reportedly killed. Israel says the truce does not apply to areas where fighting is raging. John Huddy is on the Israel/Gaza border and Rick Leventhal reports beginning this afternoon from Gaza City.

Fighting continues to rage in Eastern Ukraine. Russia reporting today that 400 Ukrainian soldiers have defected to the Russian side. Ukraine confirmed the crossings, but said they were forced to flee because of fighting. Meantime, international investigators found more body parts among the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 that was shot down over Eastern Ukraine.

A second American with Ebola is being flown to the U.S. Nancy Writebol is expected to leave tomorrow for Emory University's infectious disease unit in Atlanta. Her colleague Dr Kent Brantly arrived on Saturday. We're going to ask a doctor how Ebola is spread and what dangers the disease pose for us. John Roberts also reporting.

An earthquake in China yesterday has killed some 400 people. Rescuers continue to dig through the debris for survivors. 12,000 homes collapsed in the quake. David Piper reporting.

President Obama hosting African leaders to boost business between African and the United States. No live events that we'll need to take.

Do you hear that? It's the sound of crickets.. as most of Congress has fled town! Not much going on the Hill today. Congress began its five week recess late Friday after the House passed a slew of last-minute bills. (most will never see the light of day!).

A water ban in Toledo, Ohio remains in effect today. Tap water has high levels of a toxic substance that can lead to sickness. The toxin likely from algae. 400,000 residents can't drink tap water. Mike Tobin reporting.

Two wildfires burning in Northern California have destroyed 8 homes and forced the evacuation of at least one town. California, like much of the West, is suffering from extreme drought.

There's also been flash flooding in Southern California.

A U.S. Marine jailed in Mexico is in court today. Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi is in court for the evidentiary phase of his trial for bringing guns into Mexico.

Keep a close eye on the markets today. It was tough week last week. The S&P had its worst week in two years.

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