Congress Gets Ready to Abandon Ship

Congress working hard to try to wrap up several big pieces of legislation before they ditch town Friday for FIVE WEEKS of recess. (must be nice!)

A Senate vote on the Veterans Affairs overhaul could come as soon as today. It would try to help vets get easier and quicker access to health care, hire more health workers, and allow the VA to fire underperforming employees.

The House expected to vote today on a border bill, but it's fate is very uncertain. The President had asked for almost $4billion, but Republicans are voting on just $659 million bill that sends resources to help stop a flood of illegal immigrant children from Central America into the U.S. A second vote would block President Obama from expanding a program that gives work permits to illegal immigrant children. There are reports the President is considering dramatically expanding that program via executive order.

Congress also racing to finish a highway funding bill, but it's looking increasingly dire for the legislation. The highway fund will start running out of money as soon as Friday.

The House approved a measure to proceed with a lawsuit against President Obama late yesterday. The lawsuit alleges the President overreached when using executive orders. The House voted 225 to 201 to authorize House Speaker John Boehner to go ahead with the suit that says the president overstepped his powers by changing some aspects of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. No Democrats voted for the measure.

A new reports blames management issues for the initial failure of the Obamacare website. There's a House hearing on it today. Molly Henneberg reporting.

California which embraced Obamacare has said the numbers of uninsured there have plummeted.

President Obama set to make remarks at 1:20pm today. He'll also sign an executive order on requiring federal contractors to disclose violations of labor laws.

We get weekly jobless numbers today. Yesterday we learned GDP grew by a bigger-than-expected 4% in the second quarter. We also get earnings reports from Mastercard, Exxon Mobil, Time Warner and Tesla.

A big wildfire in Yosemite National Park has fire fighters going all out to stop the fire from reaching the park's giant sequoias. Those trees are among the biggest and oldest trees on earth. 50 homes are under evacuation orders.

Meantime, another big fire in California's Sierra Foothills has grown to nearly nine square miles. 20 homes threatened there.

There are more than a dozen fires burning across the West right now.

Israel is vowing to destroy all the terror tunnels being used by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Israeli President Benjamin Netenyahu says the tunnels are a grave security threat to Israel and will be taken care of with or without a cease fire. Israel has kept up a steady bombardment of Gaza as Hamas continues to fire rockets into Israeli civilian populations. Some estimates put the death toll from both sides at well over 1000.

Russian investigators will reportedly attempt to reach the site of the Malaysia Airline crash today. Pro-Russian forces have been preventing Western investigators from reaching the site for several days. It's believed a ground to air missile fired by Pro-Russian troops blew the plane out of the sky two weeks ago killing all 298 on board. The scene has not been secure and there are reportedly still body parts in the debris. Russia is being increasingly isolated by the international community in response to what's believed to be Russian arming and supporting the separatists and waging a not-so-stealth campaign against Ukraine.

Sierra Leone has declared a health emergency as the Ebola virus continues to spread in West Africa. More than 670 people have died from the virus in four African countries. Two Americans are sick, and in serious but stable condition.

Argentina has officially defaulted on its debts. The country essentially bankrupt for the second time in 13 years.

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