Congress Running Out of Time

There are numerous reports today that President Obama is considering drastic moves on immigration reform. The Wall Street Journal today suggesting the White House is considering dramatically scaling back deportations and granting work permits to millions of illegal immigrants living in the U.S. The President would use executive orders to make the moves blaming Congressional inaction on comprehensive immigration reform. It would likely set off a political firestorm.

Meantime, the House could vote as soon as tomorrow on a $659 million measure to help stem the flood of illegal immigrant children coming across our Southern borders from Central America. The Republican plan would be mostly for border enforcement.. not to deal with the thousands of children already here. The President had asked for nearly $4billion. The Senate may pass a different version of immigration reform including a comprehensive plan demanded by the White House. It could get very interesting.

The lawsuit against President Obama for executive overreach expected to hit the House floor today. Could also get interesting.

There's also a House hearing on IRS abuses.

The Senate confirmed Bob McDonald as the new head of the embattled Department of Veterans Affairs.

The VA bill also moving on the House floor today.

The highway funding bill is in deep trouble. The House passed a version. Then the Senate passed a version, but very different. Time is running out. Congress due to go on recess Friday for FIVE WEEKS.

The President is expected to speak today in the Noon hour on the economy from Kansas City. We get second quarter GDP numbers and the ADP Employment report. Economists (and Wall Street!) are watching the GDP numbers especially closely as Q1 GDP was terrible (mostly blamed on the weather). Analysts think the economy grew by 3%. We'll be watching.

1205EDT -- POTUS makes remarks on the economy. Uptown Theater, Kansas City, MO. LIVE

Major fighting again today in Eastern Ukraine including at the site of the Malaysian Airlines disaster. Observers were turned away from the crime scene today, and investigators have been unable to visit the site in days. Meantime, the U.S. and the E.U. have unveiled new sanctions on Russia over its assistance for pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine. The sanctions are the toughest yet against Russia, and could begin to substantially damage the Russian economy which is reliant on international trade. So far though no signs Russia is ready to give up military and financial aid to the separatists. Heavy fighting killed at least 19 overnight. Steve Harrigan reporting from Kiev.

Israel continued a heavy bombardment of terror targets in the Gaza strip overnight. Power and sewage services now out in Gaza which the U.N. says will have to be rebuilt. John Huddy is on the Israel/Gaza border. Conor Powell is in Gaza City. Eric Shawn reporting on the Iranians aid of Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

It looks Like Argentina will default on its debts today. The 2nd time in 13 years. Bad news for the economy. ‘Don't cry for me Argentina' indeed.

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