Judge reduces New York carjacker's 57-year prison term, calling it too severe and 'unjust'

A judge has given a New York carjacking convict a break on his a 57-year prison sentence.

Judge John Gleeson agreed Tuesday to re-sentence Francois Holloway to the time he's served — about 19 years.

Holloway got the harsher term in 1996 in an era when judges had less discretion in sentencing.

At Gleeson's urging, prosecutors agreed to vacate part of the conviction so he could reduce a sentence that was far longer than the average imposed on defendants convicted of murder in the federal system last year.

The 57-year-old Holloway thanked the court for reconsidering his case and called himself a changed man. He still has to serve time in a state drug case from the 1990s, but his lawyer says he should be out in nine months.