Cold War Turning Hot

President Obama meeting with the leaders of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala today to discuss the flood of illegal immigrants into the United States. The White House is apparently considering offering "refugee status" to thousands from Honduras. Critics say that will only increase the flood of immigrants.

There's a 1pm briefing from the Press Secretary Josh Earnest at the White House.

We get durable goods orders today as well as more earnings reports. Last night Amazon reported strong earnings, but no profits.

Leland Vittert reporting on a fight over U.S. funding of Israel's "Iron Dome," missile defense system.

Russia is firing artillery shells at Ukrainian soldiers across the border. Moscow has denied the action, but we're also getting reports of another Russian buildup of troops on the border. Is a wider war coming? Meantime, investigators are still having trouble fully getting access to the site of the downed Malaysian Airliner in Eastern Ukraine. We've got Fox team coverage.

The U.S. is continuing efforts to forge a cease fire between Israel and Hamas terrorists running the Gaza strip. It's day 18 of Hamas attacks on Israel and Israeli retaliation. Today Israel says it killed a member of the Islamic Jihad and hit a number of Hamas command posts. We've got team Fox coverage.

French officials are refusing to rule out terrorism in the crash of an Air Algerie plane in Mali that killed 116. Bad weather is suspected, but terror cannot be ruled out at this time. Investigators are at the crash site. Amy Kellogg reporting.

Norway is warning of an imminent threat by a group of terrorists from Syria to attack a broadcaster in Norway.

New study suggests aspirin no better than a placebo for back pain.

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