Fighting Raging in Gaza As Cease Fire Efforts Kick Off in Egypt

Fighting continues to rage in Israel and Gaza today. Israeli aircraft have hit more than 70 targets in the Gaza strip as rockets continue to rain down on the Israelis. An Israeli soldier is missing after a battle in Gaza, but it's unclear if he's been captured by Hamas militants or he is dead. The news complicates cease-fire efforts. Nearly 600 people have died already on both sides. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Cairo today trying to arrange a cease fire with the help of the Arab League..

The U.N. is holding an open debate on the Gaza conflict today beginning at 10am. Jonathan Hunt reporting.

The decomposing bodies from the destroyed Malaysian Airlines plane shot down over Eastern Ukraine last Thursday are finally headed to The Netherlands. Pro-Russian separatists finally agreed to let the bodies go home. Of the 298 victims, 193 were Dutch citizens. The black boxes from the crash were also handed over to Malaysian officials.

Despite the signs of cooperation (finally), Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to be aggressive and blame the West. Amy Kellogg looking at some of the conspiracy theories.

There's a White House press briefing at 11am today. We'll monitor for news on both our big top stories.

Doug McKelway is covering a VA hearing today for the confirmation of Robert McDonald who is testifying before the Veterans Affairs committee. Acting VA Secy Sloane Gibson is speaking at a VFW Natl convention in St Louis. We'll look for news on that.

There's also a Senate hearing on the tax code today. We'll do a little breakout reader.

We're awaiting what could be a big Appeals court decision related to Obamacare. It could be a big hit for the President's signature legislation. Shannon Bream reports.

President Obama heading to the West Coast today for a three day trip. He'll be attending fundraising events in Seattle, L.A. and San Francisco.

Fires are raging in parts of the Western U.S.. Ash is spreading across the country. 150 homes burned in a huge fire in Washington state.

Earnings reports today from Coke, Comcast and McDonalds before the bell. We get Apple and Microsoft after. Also a report on existing homes sales. We'll watch Wall Street.

Today is the first birthday of Prince George of England. Ahhh.

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